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Lawn-Guru is here to provide OKC Metroplex with lawn service that focuses on organic sustainability. More than just cutting and edging, we concentrate on the soil, as well as the lawn/grass health. My grandfather would say, “ Feed the roots, you will bear great fruits.” We apply this same method when grooming lawns. Lawn-Gurus has an FWS method, Fertilize with an organic green thumb to the soil, with some Water and Sun equals a great Lawn.

Spring Forward Special
Organic Lawn Fertilizing service
Only $39.99
ends 4/1/2020

Organic Lawn Fertilizing Service

You may be asking how exactly we treat your soil (soil treatment)
After each time your yard is cut/groomed, we will spray a compost tea to your lawn. Organic fertilizers do more than just provide nutrients. They also help build better soil by feeding microbes. This in turns feeds the roots of plants and grass. Minimum 1/4 Acre required for spring forward special.

“A beautiful lawn doesn't just happen by itself”

Our Services

Cutting & Edging

Is your yard getting out of control? We offer mowing and edging services that will keep your lawn looking great.

Organic Fertilizing

Want your lawn to look beautiful, but don't want to pump your yard full of chemicals? Give us a call.

Soil Treatment

Soil can be damaged with the use of synthetic fertilizers that causes compaction. Instead, we use aeration.

Leaf Clean Up

Are the leaves starting to pile up in your yard? Give us call and we can help you find your yard again.

Ant Removal

Do you have an issue with Ants on or around your residence or business? We have proven methods to help out.

Garden Preparation

Need to get your Garden ready for the season? Give us a call we can make the process easy and stress free.

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